Social Media is the internet marketing tool that is absolutely amazing for start-ups as well as the marketers to help them out with a better marketing strategy.

The concept of social media marketing is new but the pace at which it is endorsed is quite incredible. From marketing, brand promotion to launching new products, for businesses, social media is the platform of choice. All in all, social media is the near perfect platform for marketing these days.

Our Services

We offer regular integrated digital marketing services to Clients to reach the Target Group.

  • Live Streaming
  • Ephemeral Content
  • Influencer Marketing
Brand Display
Brand Usage
Brand Endorsement

Recently works With : KLM Fasions, Radha TMT, BigC

Electronic Media

At shreyas, the entire team, our staff and members are superb techies and technology enthusiasts which is our most powerful strength. This enables us to deliver the designated content and desired results to our clients in the most relative way allowing the utmost connectivity and interaction to either parties.

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Traditionally, broadcasting involves communication channels to the transmitted to the public for information purposes. Wondering what this normally means? Want your information channels to reach the general audience at large? Want to create content that is worth entertaining? Then, here you are at the most right place! Shreyas becomes the one-stop solution to all your broadcasting needs.

  • DTH
  • Local Cabel
  • TV Ads
  • Radio
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Public relations and Media relations are invariably related to one another and they are extremely important to keep all the related sectors, members and the audience in loop. Through expertise PR, at our end, positive image and strong bonds are kept intact within the audience and brands, directly or indirectly.

  • Press Conferences
  • CSR
  • Sponsorships (Sports, Education, Health)
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News Feed

News feeds in social media pages are fully used to post updates and news pertaining to events and activities which would communicate information to the consumers in the most influential manner. For this, most intense social media networks are deeply utilized and promoted virally. Regular updates are provided to a very large number of people at once.

  • Articles
  • Social Cause
  • Product Awareness
  • Articles & Campaigns
Outdoor Publicity

Out Door Publicity has a very huge impact on customers, unlike other mediums they cannot turn off Television or skip ads and switch radio channels. This includes Hoardings, Lolly Pops, Unipoles, Bus Shelters, Full Bus Stickering, Railway station branding, Airport Branding, Mall branding, Metro Pillars branding. It attracts most of the Mass Audience.


    Paper Inserts, Mass Distribution


    Local News Papers, Magazines, News Papers


    Unipole, Bus shelters, Highway Hoardings, Outdoor Hoardings, Shop Branding, Wall wrappers


    Tri Cycles, LED Vans, Bus Ads, Auto Ads, Cab Ads


    Non Competing Brand Tie-up, Film Tie-up, Retail Branding