Good Cinema Group is a production label of Shreyas Group. We at Shreyas Group forayed into productions under the prestigious banner - Good Cinema Group. With an intention to provide strong content message through entertainment to the audience.


Good Cinema Group is slowly but steadily making its presence in the hearts of audience with its content based ?lms. Started with Eerojullo movie, our Good Cinema Group has been continuing its success march with blockbuster hits such as Romance, Rojulu Marayi, Villa, Bhadram, Venkatapuram and also two other movies in pre-production stage.

We Produce

We produce small films, we stalwartly rely on strong content and unique promotions. In fact, the small budget films trend in TFI started with our first production venture Eerojullo. From all the above scenarios, our Good Cinema Group truly proves

“ Content is King in every aspect ”.

However, our foray into film production is a natural extension as we already present across television and events in the South. We expect the film production venture to open up a new revenue stream for Good Cinema Group in addition to increase in the size of its movie library.

Future Projects